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COVID-19 Member update: 25 August
  • Advice to veterinarians navigating the Auckland regional border
  • Updated Veterinary Essential Service Provision advice for COVID-19
  • Clients in clinics at Alert Levels 2 and 3.

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COVID-19 Member update: 14 August
  • Call to all veterinary clinics with veterinarian shortages: we need your help!
  • Update to the NZVA Essential Service Provision document
  • Reminder about our 'Prepared Pet' checklist

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COVID-19 Member update: 12 August
  • Essential service provision guidelines
  • Advice about wearing face masks
  • Letter for essential worker travel
  • Telemedicine guidelines for clinics under Alert Level 3

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COVID-19 Member update: 30 April
  • Today's amendment to the Health Act (COVID-19 Alert Level 3) Order
  • Veterinary Service Provision Advice – corrections (repeated; nothing new)
  • Childcare options
  • Update on pet / horse care providers under alert level 3
  • Update on farms (including lifestyle blocks) & agriculture business under alert level 3
  • Leads on PPE and hand sanitiser
  • MPI Advice for Alert Levels 3 and 4

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COVID-19 Member update: 24 April
  • Upbeat(?) economic news and views with Jarrod Kerr
  • Veterinary Service Provision Advice – corrections
  • Dogs NZ message about reproductive services under AL4
  • Updates on dog grooming and rehoming litters under AL3
  • COVID-19 in New York cats
  • Veterinary Telemedicine
  • Update on transport certification
  • Update on livestock processing

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COVID-19 Member update: 21 April
  • Veterinary Service Provision Advice – key points and a video
  • Price gouging – their words not ours!
  • COVID-19 testing in animals
  • Member Advisory Group Meeting Notes – 9th April
  • More of your HR queries addressed

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COVID-19 Member update: 17 April
  • Consultation: NZVA's revised COVID-19 veterinary service provision advice

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COVID-19 Member update: 9 April
  • A message from Kevin Bryant, CEO
  • Another study on COVID-19 and other species
  • Further thoughts on dog/cat vaccinations under AL4
  • Reminder to read the guidance from VCNZ
  • Work bubbles and PPE
  • The Prepared Pet Checklist
  • Employment law - public holidays and lockdown, and a reminder
  • Link to Edubit webinar

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