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1972 Reunion

A good turnout of 35 people enjoyed a memorable reunion at the end of March in Whanganui which was organised by Dave and Lorraine Taylor.

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1964/65 Reunion

Last month, a reunion of the veterinary students’ intake of 1964 and 1965 took place.

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CAV Annual Service Award nominations now open!

Your CAV executive committee invites you to nominate a deserving CAV member for this year’s CAV Annual Service Award.

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Grazing Gazette - a call for contributions

Do you have a clinical case to share, results of trials, or comment on a topic of interest that would be a good contribution to the Grazing Gazette - our Sheep and Beef Cattle Veterinarians' newsletter?

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NZVA consultation – feedback required!

The entire membership will now be asked for feedback on proposed NZVA Policies, Position Statements and Standards. This will be achieved using Member Technical Notes/ briefing papers and online surveys.

The NZVA policy framework is also currently undergoing an extensive review. The aims of the review are to ensure that our positioning on issues that affect the veterinary profession are proactive rather than reactive, and to streamline our current portfolio of policy documents. It is anticipated that this review and the required member consultations will take around two years to complete.

The first NZVA consultation under the new consultation process and policy framework is on the proposed Standard for Working with Non-veterinarians. Provide your feedback on this briefing paper by completing the online survey by Monday 19 April.

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Urgent notification regarding data privacy

We have been contacted by some members concerned that their private contact details have been shared on a public website. We are confident that the information has not originated from our confidential database i.e. the NZVA database has not been hacked. The NZVA IT team is continuing to investigate and we will keep you informed of any updates.

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Veterinary certification for transport

Regulation 45 - Obligations of transporters in relation to animals to which regulations 38 to 43 apply. A transporter must comply with any relevant conditions specified in the certificate.

MPIVS and NZVA have also developed broader procedures to ensure clinical veterinarians and VS staff have a similar standard regarding the certification of defective animals for transport other than those conditions defined under regulation 38 to 45.

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Intramammary insertion resources now available!

The long-awaited suite of intramammary insertion resources are now live on the DCV membership page.

These tools will provide members with resources to assist in the understanding of expectations, compliance, training, assessment and in the recommended use of disclaimers. The NZVA, DCV and VPIS are working towards improving communications around this topic. The guidelines that have been developed are highly recommended for veterinarians to follow.

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Important information for veterinarians travelling on live export ships

Recently, a veterinarian working on a live export ship was not able to immediately return to New Zealand at the end their voyage. To prevent this happening again, we suggest several points are clarified with the export companies, prior to veterinarians sailing (or accepting the risk if these issues are not addressed). We do not have clarity of how this process is being managed currently – it is understood that veterinarians caught up in a delay/alternate port will not be afforded emergency MIQ space.

The NZVA is engaging with the exporters, via Animal Trade Advisory Council, and will provide further information when it comes to hand.

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