Welcome to our world

We’re all in this world together – animals, humans and the environment we share. Our collective wellbeing is inseparable.

We’re living in times of unprecedented change. This means big challenges and opportunities; finding alternatives to antibiotics for all species (including humans), limiting the spread of diseases between animals and humans, pest management to protect biodiversity, and animal control and management to minimise harm to animals to name but a few.

The changes are as unnerving as they are exciting and challenging. The veterinary profession is repositioning itself to play an expanded role in helping find the balance we need for ourselves, for the animals we care so much about and for our shared environment.

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2/10/2017 » 24/12/2017
An introduction into sheep and goat milking

2/10/2017 » 24/12/2017
Companion Animal Orthopaedic Surgery: Fracture Management and Joint Issues

20/11/2017 » 21/11/2017
Small animal abdominal ultrasound

1/12/2017 » 3/12/2017
2017 NZVA Wildlife Society Annual Conference