Evaluation of Bulls for Breeding Sounds


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"Evaluation of Bulls for Breeding Soundness" is an invaluable resource for all cattle veterinarians involved in reproductive management of dairy, beef and particularly bull-breeding herds. The book brings together book published research and practical experience in a single authoritative reference providing excellent guidance to veterinarians in the field, without being prescriptive. Current procedures for evaluating breeding soundness of bulls in the field are described and discussed, as well as reproductive conditions affecting bull fertility, and an extensive list of reference is provided.

Bull soundness examination prior to mating is critical for ensuring higher levels of breeding performance in both beef and dairy cattle herds. This book is an essential reference for all veterinary students and veterinarians interested in the reproductive management of bulls

Dr Paul L Hughes BVSc MRCVS MPIM
Veterinarian, Taihape Veterinary Services, New Zealand

Authors: Professor Tim Parkinson and Professor Neil Bruere
Published: 2007
ISBN: 978-0-9583634-2-0

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