Veterinary shortage in New Zealand

Calling veterinarians from around the world. Interested in moving to New Zealand for a healthy lifestyle? We urgently need more veterinarians!

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New Zealand urgently needs more veterinarians

New Zealand urgently needs more veterinarians from other countries!

Please tell us if you are interested in working in New Zealand as a veterinarian by completing this form.

Each year, New Zealand usually brings in a large percentage of veterinarians from overseas to fill the veterinary jobs available. This year, we are limited by our COVID-19 border restrictions, which make it harder for overseas citizens to enter the country.

Right now, we do not have enough veterinarians in New Zealand. The risks to our animals’ welfare, our food safety and biosecurity are increasing. We are also seeing the wellbeing of our New Zealand veterinarians decline, because of the ongoing and increasing workload they have.

Come to New Zealand to work as a veterinarian?

Are you interested in coming to New Zealand to work as a veterinarian?

You would benefit from the healthy New Zealand lifestyle — and help us with our urgent need to look after our animals. See here for a guide to living & working in New Zealand.

Please tell us if you are interested in working in New Zealand as a veterinarian by completing this form.

We may be able to help. The NZVA is working with the New Zealand Government and veterinary industry to bring more veterinarians into New Zealand. Our aim is for fast and efficient visa applications, recognition of overseas veterinary qualifications and veterinary registration in New Zealand.  

Current vacancies in New Zealand

Please see here to get an idea of the current veterinary jobs available in New Zealand.

Documentation you will need to provide later

For your information, here is a list of documents overseas applicants will need to give us. To become registered with the New Zealand Veterinary Council, at a later date you will need to provide the following documentation. 

  • Letters of good standing from any overseas regulatory bodies you have been registered with in the last 10 years.
  • Certified copy of passport sized photo.
  • Certified copy of personal details pages of passport.
  • Certified copy of veterinary degree qualification and certified copies of any additional veterinary qualifications.
  • If you hold a recognised qualification, or have passed an assessment programme New Zealand recognises for registration, but English isn’t your first language – we need evidence of having worked or studied in a country where English is the first and primary language for at least four of the previous five years.
  • If English is not your first language and (5) above does not apply, we need certified IELTS, OET, TOEFL or PTE English test results sent to us, or made available to us online via the relevant organisation.
  • Certified evidence of any name change documents.
  • Details of any professional disciplinary proceedings, competency enquiries, conditions on employment or registration and termination or suspension of registration or employment.

Certification requirements

Outside of New Zealand, applicants must use a Notary Public or Commissioner of Oaths to certify the copies of any documents you send us are true copies of the original documents.  If you are already in New Zealand when you apply, Notaries Public and Justices of the Peace are listed in the Yellow Pages of the New Zealand telephone directory.

Certified copies of documents must:

  • include the name, contact details and address of the certifier
  • be a colour scan of the original document – in 600dpi resolution
  • have all text visible and include security features (seal etc)
  • be in pdf format.