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Veterinary practice can be demanding as well as rewarding. Some veterinarians might feel challenged by the need to maintain their skills and competence, keep up with changes in technology, and manage everyday demands from clients, peers, managers and family. The key to effective coping, and continually developing skills and expertise is to have supportive networks of people who have the time, expertise and willingness to help. Many are finding it valuable to have a mentor who can provide some of this support. 

The NZVA Mentor Scheme partners veterinarians (who are NZVA members) with experienced practitioners, to help guide and nurture them at any stage of their career - whether you are a new graduate, returning to practice, or just feel like you would benefit from some advice and support - we can help find a mentor that is right for you.

Read more about how mentoring works in this article published in VetScript by Dianne Gardner from the School of Psychology at Massey University.

Also see our information booklet Vets wellbeing, resilience and managing in a complex environment which gives tips on how to ensure a healthy work/life balance.

Want a mentor?

Contact our mentor scheme coordinator at

Want to become a mentor?

Take a look at this checklist that will give you an idea of what it takes. You'll receive continuing professional development (CPD) points for participating.

If you are a practising veterinarian and would like to become a mentor, contact our mentor scheme coordinator at