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Welcome to Your Vet - a space for animal owners to get advice and resources from veterinarians on various topics.

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A tool to help you find a veterinary clinic near you.

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Our policies

Our policies, guidelines, and position statements are developed with members, and are backed by science. They outline our agreed principles and provide a platform from which the Association can advocate for the profession

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Veterinary careers

Become a veterinarian - Find out how to become a veterinarian in New Zealand.

What do veterinarians do? - Find out about the diverse and important roles veterinarians play in our everyday lives.

For Pet Owners

Choosing your pet - Thinking of adding a pet to your family? Find advice on some questions to ask yourself and others before you make your decision.

Visiting your vet - Information on what to expect when you visit your veterinarian.

BESTPRACTICE - Find a BESTPRACTICE accredited clinics/hospital near you.

For Farmers

LeptosureĀ® - Information on our leptospirosis risk management programme.

BESTPRACTICE - Find a BESTPRACTICE accredited clinic/hospital near you.