Vets in our daily lives

What do veterinarians do?

Veterinarians play important roles in our everyday life – working to keep us, our pets, wildlife and stock healthy, protect our food and our environment.

Watch some videos below highlighting some of the areas our veterinarians work in. These were filmed by Vet2011 as part of the celebrations of 250 years of veterinary practice.


Pets play a large role in our daily lives: we value them for company, fun, affection, and, in some cases, to provide disability assistance. Through keeping pets healthy, vets help keep the bond between animals and people strong.

Animal Husbandry

Many veterinarians choose the veterinary profession because they have a desire to look after animals in our care (animal husbandry). This includes helping them to be born, be healthy, to grow stronger and also covers animal health and welfare.

Food Safety

Some veterinarians want to ensure our food is safe. This means implementing processes that check food all the way along the production chain, “from farm to fork”.

Food Security

Veterinarians involved in food security are concerned with making sure everyone in the world gets enough animal-based food and that the sources of these foods are sustainable.


Some veterinarians' work involves the protection of human health through identifying and researching zoonoses, or diseases that can be transferred from animals to humans.

Crisis Management

Some veterinarians choose to focus on preventing outbreaks and, when they do occur, controlling/limiting and further spread of disease to protect animals at risk and limit the impact on farmers, the economy and society.