Delegate status

Delegate Status

Policy type: Policy
: 1b
: Current
Date ratified
: 1 August 2009

The Board will consider requests from any member of the New Zealand Veterinary Association (NZVA) for official delegate status at any international or national conference, provided there is no official NZVA representative attending.

As long as the Board regards the member as a suitable representative, consideration will be given on a first come first served basis and the Board’s decision will be final.


Official and good quality contact between NZVA and allied organisations is beneficial to NZVA, the veterinary profession and to New Zealand.

It is not practicable for official NZVA representatives to attend all international/national conferences.


  • The delegate candidate must be willing to act as Ambassador of the NZVA at all times.
  • The delegate will be expected to attend general meetings, where invited, and convey the best wishes of the NZVA to the host nation and to other visiting allied organisations/delegates.
  • The delegate will be expected to introduce him/herself to the host officials as soon after arrival as possible.
  • The delegate will be expected, as far as reasonable, to accept invitations to functions as the official NZVA representative.
  • The delegate should contact the NZVA President or Chief Executive Officer prior to leaving New Zealand, for a briefing on matters relevant to the expected contact.
  • The delegate will be expected to submit a brief report to the NZVA Board on return to New Zealand, or as soon after the conference as possible. On receipt of the report, the NZVA Board will acknowledge the delegate’s contribution with a letter of thanks.
  • The NZVA will send a letter of introduction to the President of the host organisation and will also give the delegate a letter of appointment.
  • The NZVA is not usually able to consider any financial support for delegates.
  • The NZVA may, where appropriate, provide the delegate with a small token gift to be presented to the President of the host organisation.