Our people

Our people

Our board

The NZVA Board is responsible for the long-term health and prosperity of the NZVA and Foundation. It has nine elected, and up to two appointed members.

Board members are nominated by NZVA members. They are elected for a term of three years, at which time they retire. Retiring members of the Board are eligible for re-election.

The NZVA Constitution and Rules describes the roles and responsibilities of the Board, the President and the Chief Executive Officer.

Board members

Peter Blaikie - President
Andrea Murray - Vice President
Caroline Robertson - Immediate Past President

Mark Bryan
Kate Hill
Sandra Forsyth
Grant McCullough
Bronwyn Smits
Cath Watson

Our management

Mark Ward - Chief Executive

Elise Adams - Head of Business and Support Services
Helen Beattie - NZVA Chief Veterinary Officer
Leanne Fecser - Head of Continuing Education and Events
Lynley Jenkins - Head of Communications and Engagement

Our staff

Richard Anderson - IT Developer
Charlotte Cantley - CPD Academic Director
Rochelle Ferguson - Companion Animal Veterinary Operations Manager
Sarah Fowler - NZVJ Scientific Editor
Bette Flagler - VetScript Editor
Julie Fulbrook - Accountant
Erin Henderson - Digital Communications Advisor
Shannon Leader - Event and VetScholar Coordinator
Stephanie Lee - Graphic Designer
Megan Miller - Executive Assistant to the CEO
Melanie Murray - Veterinary Administrator
Kess Nuku - Sales Administrator
Sarah Olson - NZVJ Assistant Editor
Maria Pirela-Albornett - Membership Administrator
Fiona Rhodes - NZVJ Editor in chief
Hannah Schrader - Events and Subscriptions Administrator
Trish Thorpe - Resources Administrator
Oliver Tripp - Member Engagement Coordinator