Groom Accreditation Scheme

The Groom Accreditation Scheme is a quality assurance programme developed by National Quality Veterinary Services (NQVS) in conjunction with the New Zealand Equine Veterinary Association to ensure the safe use of Restricted Veterinary Medicines for the welfare of horses in transit.

What's involved

This quality assurance programme permits supervising veterinarians to train Grooms to the standard specified in the Code of Practice. The Groom is then recommended for accreditation. Once accredited, the Groom is legally able to obtain and use Restricted Veterinary Medicines in the treatment of horses being transported. This reduces the risks to both excited animals and people.

The benefits

The drugs specified in the Code have the potential to cause harm. The training of Grooms, according to a Quality Assurance Programme, ensures the safe use of these Restrcited Veterinary Medicines.

Contact us

For further information about the scheme contact the NZVA at