Give and get help



Give and get help when needed

Supporting wellbeing starts at home

He korowai atā raranga he korowai whakaruruhau Mō tātau katoa
A carefully woven cloak is a protective cloak for us all.

As Kaitiaki, the NZVA is the steward of the veterinary profession - guarding, protecting, and conserving what matters to veterinarians. Our primary focus is on our members and supporting their wellbeing. Our staff are passionate and committed people who care about the profession and the veterinary services industry – they are on-call to support members who need help on a personal and professional level.

By belonging to the NZVA, you are supporting the wellbeing of all members.

Vet-to-vet support
NZVA members have access to objective professional advice and pastoral care from a qualified veterinarian who understands your world.

24-hour access to counselling service Vitae
NZVA members and non-members get access to Vitae, a confidential counselling service and a 24-hour phone service that’s open seven days a week. This service is funded by the NZVA and the Veterinary Council of New Zealand, and also includes up to three fully funded face to face sessions with a trained psychologist.

NZVA Mentor Scheme
The NZVA Mentor Scheme partners member veterinarians with experienced practitioners, to help guide and nurture at any stage of career - whether you are a new graduate, returning to practice, or just feel like you would benefit from some advice and support - we can help find a mentor that is right for you.

Elizabeth Veterinary Benevolent Fund
NZVA members can get access to the Elizabeth Veterinary Benevolent Fund, set up to support veterinarians by providing practical and financial assistance to those who need it most.

Rural Health Alliance Aotearoa New Zealand (RHAANZ)
The NZVA is a member of RHAANZ. We work alongside them to provide solutions and influence policy affecting the health and wellbeing of our rural communities.