Supporting careers and business



Supporting careers and business

Take advantage of opportunities at every stage

Mau ano e rapu he oranga
Our livelihood is in your hands.

The NZVA is focused on boosting growth and professionalism throughout the veterinary profession for the benefit of all. Dedicated NZVA staff are constantly looking for ways to support members and veterinary businesses to get ahead.

Supporting careers

Top-quality continuing professional development

The NZVA facilitates top quality education and continuing professional development (CPD), complemented by a range of NZVA technical publications and resources, so that you can do well wherever you choose to use your skills.

Members get exclusive discounts to NZVA-accredited CPD and conferences, and free access to MyCPD, an NZVA tool that records CPD points required for your annual veterinary licence registration and can be used to compliment your CV.

Leadership opportunities

The NZVA is a great place to hone your leadership skills and ambitions. There are many opportunities to do this through our network of Special Interest Branches and Regional Branches, working groups, and representative roles.

  • NZVA Board
  • Branch committees (SIBs and RBs)
  • Working groups
  • Representative roles on animal welfare and industry committees
  • Advocacy and spokesperson roles
  • Primary Industry Think Tank
  • Training and CPD
  • National and international representation

You too can become a respected leader in the association and the broader profession at national and international level. 

    The NZVA Job Search

    The NZVA job search place to go if you’re on the lookout for veterinarian jobs. The latest job advertisements are also published in your monthly member magazine VetScript.

    Professional advice

    On-call advice from NZVA staff on HR, employment, health and safety, and other workplace matters.

    Rural vet bonding scheme

    The NZVA played an important role in the introduction of the Government’s voluntary rural veterinarian bonding scheme, and continues to advocate for and help enhance the scheme.

    The scheme was introduced to ease the shortage of rural veterinarians working with production animals. It provides a payment to recently graduated vets who work in an eligible practice with a primary focus in production animals.

    International Veterinary Association membership

    NZVA members working overseas can get a free three-month free membership to Australian, British, and US veterinary associations if they are working in those countries.

    Supporting business

    We wouldn’t have a strong profession without strong practices, educational institutions, Government and the other myriad of spaces and places where veterinarians are found.

    Associate membership

    The NZVA offers associate membership to non-veterinarians working in the profession so business leaders that aren’t veterinarians can still get access to our support and services. Find out more about associate membership.

    The NZVA Veterinary Business Group

    The NZVA’s Veterinary Business Group is an NZVA-Board-appointed group that focuses on improving the NZVA’s understanding and ability to influence positive outcomes and growth in the veterinary business environment.

    Professional advice

    On-call advice to members from NZVA staff on employment, health and safety, and other workplace matters.

    BESTPRACTICE accreditation

    The NZVA’s BESTPRACTICE accreditation scheme sets your clinic or hospital apart as an employer of choice, and provides you with guidance to operate your workplace at the highest possible standard.

    HealthyPractice (MAS) discount

    Discounts for NZVA members on MAS Healthy Practice subscription, providing professional advice, support, templates and guidance on veterinary business related issues such as practice ownership, succession planning, employment advice and financial and risk management.

    Discounts on classifieds

    Discounts on listed items for sale in the NZVA classifieds.


    A Find-a-Vet practice listing on the NZVA website to advertise practices that have NZVA members.