Our Branches

Our branches

The New Zealand Veterinary Association (NZVA) is supported by our 14 special interest and 15 regional branches. All NZVA members belong to their regional branch and can choose to belong to one or more of our special interest branches.

Each branch has an elected committee of volunteers whose role is to support and represent the interests of its members. They also provide collegial support to their members through professional development and social events.

If you’re an NZVA member and would like to join one of our special interest branches please contact our membership team at membership@vets.org.nz.

Members of branches can access their special interest or regional interest members only area from their profile after logging into the NZVA website.

Our special interest branches

Branch Committee Contact
Camelid Branch camelid-branch@vets.org.nz
Club Practitioners Branch club@vets.org.nz
Companion Animal Veterinarians cav@vets.org.nz
Complementary Veterinary Medicine Branch cvm@vets.org.nz
Deer Branch deer@vets.org.nz
Epidemiology, food safety, animal welfare and biosecurity branch fab@vets.org.nz
Industry Veterinarians Branch industry@vets.org.nz
Large Animal Veterinary Technicians lavt@vets.org.nz
New Zealand Equine Veterinary Association nzeva@vets.org.nz
Pig Veterinary Society pig-veterinary-society@vets.org.nz
Retired Veterinarians retired-veterinarians@vets.org.nz
Society of Dairy Cattle Veterinarians dcv@vets.org.nz
Society of Sheep and Beef Cattle Veterinarians sheep-beef@vets.org.nz
Wildlife Society wildlife@vets.org.nz

Our regional networks

Network Committee Contact
Northland northland-branch@vets.org.nz
Auckland auckland-branch@vets.org.nz
Waikato waikato-branch@vets.org.nz
Bay of Plenty bay-of-plenty@vets.org.nz
East Coast east-coast-branch@vets.org.nz
Taranaki taranaki-branch@vets.org.nz
Central central-branch@vets.org.nz
Hawkes Bay hawkes-bay@vets.org.nz
Wairarapa wairarapa@vets.org.nz
Wellington wellington-branch@vets.org.nz
Nelson / Marlborough nelson-marlborough@vets.org.nz
West Coast west-coast@vets.org.nz
Canterbury canterbury-branch@vets.org.nz
Otago otago-branch@vets.org.nz
Southland southland-branch@vets.org.nz