Our branches

Our branches

The New Zealand Veterinary Association (NZVA) is supported by our 14 special interest and 15 regional branches. All NZVA members belong to their regional branch and can choose to belong to one or more of our special interest branches.

Each branch has an elected committee of volunteers whose role is to support and represent the interests of its members. They also provide collegial support to their members through professional development and social events.

If you’re an NZVA member and would like to join one of our special interest branches please contact our membership team at membership@vets.org.nz.

Members of branches can access their special interest or regional interest members only area from their profile after logging into the NZVA website.

Our special interest branches

Established by a network of like-minded vets, the Camelid Branch aims to promote the interests of the camelid industry, provide a high quality veterinary service for camelid owners and increase the knowledge of veterinarians involved with camelids.

We welcome enquiries from camelid owners, veterinarians as well as others connected to the camelid industry and the veterinary profession. You can contact our committee at camelid-branch@vets.org.nz

 Camelid Branch membership is available to all NZVA members. An additional subscription fee applies. To join please email membership@vets.org.nz

Promoting the interests, improving the public stature, increasing knowledge, developing standards and fostering cooperation of veterinarians involved with club practice.

If you'd like to find out more about the Club Practitioners Branch please email club@vets.org.nz

Membership to the Club Practitioners Branch is available to all NZVA members. An additional subscription fee applies. To join please email membership@vets.org.nz

Promoting the value and importance of companion animals in society, and improving the knowledge, expertise and personal development of veterinarians in companion animal practice.

Find out more about the Companion Animal Veterinarians Branch >>

Increasing awareness about integrative healthcare and the importance that it has in the future of sustainable healthcare.

Find out more about the Complementary Veterinary Medicine Branch >>

Enhancing and expanding the veterinary support and service role to the deer industry.

Find out more about the Deer Branch >>

Supporting the advancement of knowledge within the study of veterinary science and providing our members with opportunities to enhance their professional skills and development.

Find out more about the Food Safety, Animal Welfare and Biosecurity Branch >>

The Industry Veterinarians Branch of the NZVA represents veterinarians in industrial employment. You can get in touch with our committee at industry@vets.org.nz.

We aim to advance the professional standards of veterinarians working in the industrial sector and act as a body of expert opinion on appropriate matters of scientific, business and political concern.

We promote the free exchange of knowledge, ideas and opinions of mutual interest to our members, members within the veterinary profession as well as those employed in the medical industry. We also help and advise industry about the employment standards for veterinary professionals.

Membership of the Industry Veterinarians Branch is available to NZVA members. An additional subscription fee applies. To join please email membership@vets.org.nz.

Working to establish a thriving network of informed professional veterinary technicians for large animals.

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Promoting excellence within the veterinary profession as the primary guardians of the health and welfare of horses.

Find out more about the New Zealand Equine Veterinary Association >>

Through veterinary contributions to the pig industry, the Pig Veterinary Society of the New Zealand Veterinary Association (NZVA) aims to enhance the health, welfare and management of pigs in New Zealand.

We provide informative and useful information to all groups within the industry and promote quality assurance in all aspects of pig production and processing.

You can contact our committee at pig-veterinary-society@vets.org.nz.

Members of the Pig Veterinary Society is available to NZVA members. To join please email membership@vets.org.nz.

Helping retired veterinarians to keep in touch with each other, their former colleagues and what’s going on in the veterinary profession today.

If you're a retired veterinarian, join us so you can stay in touch with your profession and other veterinary professionals. To join please email membership@vets.org.nz.

Our mission – to enable the profession to remain relevant, healthy and sustainable in a changing world, through proactive leadership and being the voice of dairy cattle veterinarians in New Zealand.

Find out more about the Society of Dairy Cattle Veterinarians >>

Enhancing the efficiency of the sheep and beef cattle industries and the roles they play within the national economy.

Find out more about the Society of Sheep and Beef Cattle Veterinarians >>

We assist in the veterinary management of New Zealand wildlife through the sharing of general and technical information. We produce a technical publication, a newsletter, run a Google discussion group and hold an annual conference to share ideas and encourage conservation of threatened species. We have two grants which provide financial support for research and further education in this field.

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