About us

The New Zealand Veterinary Association

The New Zealand Veterinary Association (NZVA) is the only membership association representing New Zealand veterinarians. We’re proud to have served and supported our members since 1923, and excited to now be helping the profession be better recognised and valued for the unique role they play in society.

We’re committed to safeguarding the high skills, continuing development and ethical standards of the New Zealand veterinary profession – ensuring the profession's contribution to society is the very best it can be.

Through our 15 special interest branches, 15 regional branches, our national office, our Board and various committees of volunteers, we help our members throughout their careers, from student to retirement, with the support and knowledge they need to succeed in their professional and personal lives.

But most importantly, we help the profession to broaden and deepen their role so they can influence across a wider range of issues.

A new direction for the profession – our 2030 Strategy

Whether you’re a current veterinarian, a future veterinarian, a pet lover, a farmer, a policy maker, a representative of primary industry, a member of the media, or any combination of these, we think you’ll find our profession’s 2030 strategy – a strategy that will see a transformation of the veterinarian profession - ambitious and exciting.

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