The Food Safety, Biosecurity and Animal Welfare Branch

Our vision is to be seen as a resource for issues of animal welfare, food safety and biosecurity for all members of the NZVA.

Our focus is the advancement of knowledge in the area of animal health and welfare, biosecurity, food safety, government assurances, public health, quality assurance antimicrobial stewardship and standard setting.

The branch is operated by a voluntary committee of nine passionate veterinarians coming from varied backgrounds. Their collective aim is to support and provide all members of this branch with opportunities that enhance members’ professional skills and development.

The branch work also includes sharing knowledge with any organisations that need help or guidance in any of our areas of expertise, and advocating for food safety, animal welfare and biosecurity causes.

For enquiries on food safety, animal welfare and biosecurity from within the veterinary profession, please email

FAB Membership

Membership is open to all NZVA members by way of an additional subscription fee. First year veterinary graduates receive complimentary membership for their first year of practice. To join outside the membership renewal period please email

FAB member only area

FAB members can access the FAB member only area by logging into the NZVA website and selecting 'Groups' from their profile.