Our future

Our focus on the future


Because we live in a time of unprecedented change.

A human population marching toward 8 billion, accelerated rates of climate change, decreasing levels of biodiversity, increasing pressure on resources, a digital revolution that is disrupting status quos, new scientific discoveries that are changing how we see the world, new disease pressures and new cures, and new and emerging social attitudes – to name a few!

No one is immune from the effects. The changes are as unnerving as they are exciting. They’re also a reminder that, in the end, we’re all in this together – animals, humans and the environment we share.

Together we can make this world a better one.

Our 2030 Strategy

As we move into the future, the NZVA is committed to ensuring everything is considered from the outside in (what the world needs), focuses on the big issues where animals, humans and the environment intersect, and with a science-based, values-backed, One World One Health approach.

At the heart of the 2030 strategy is the core idea that the wellbeing of animals, humans and the environment is inseparable. Veterinarians are uniquely positioned at this ‘intersection’, allowing us to see our roles in a broader context and with more opportunities, to become more adaptive to, and lead change - particularly in how we treat animals. Veterinarians can, should, and often do, play an increasingly more influential role in our communities.

Some key principles behind the strategy are:

  • The profession should, and deserves to be, the most valued and trusted at the intersection of animal and human life, and the environment
  • Progressive ‘outside-in’ thinking (what does the world need from veterinarians) will ensure the profession stays relevant to changing needs
  • An evolution from animal welfare to wellbeing needs to take place to ensure animals are treated as they should be.

This is a significant and ambitious new direction for the profession, but is critical to ensure we are future-proofed as much as we can be. The benefits for vets and the profession overall will take time to be realised, but the goals of the strategy are:

  • To positively influence society’s attitudes to the way we treat animals
  • To become resilient, sustainable and aligned to tackle bigger and broader issues
  • To increase our influence by bringing science-based solutions to ever changing societal values and attitudes.

To achieve our goals it will require an ongoing focus and unity, belief in what is possible by targeting significant outcomes that will benefit New Zealanders directly and indirectly. It means agreeing that working for the greater good of pet lovers, farmers, animals of all types, the environment we share and a country that is a world leader in food production will, ultimately, benefit us all.

We know we are well placed to make a more fundamental difference, and it’s up to us to make it happen!