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Workshop: Managing avian reproductive disease

Friday 23 November (afternoon)
Approximately 3 hours

Benefits for the participant: Increase your knowledge and competence with managing and treating common reproductive disorders in avian patients. Reproductive disorders are a common reason for emergency presentation in birds and outcomes can be dramatically improved with the correct first aid and treatment. Dr Janelle Ward will run through an avian reproductive anatomy and physiology refresher in male and female birds, before working through the most;common reproductive case presentations (e.g. egg binding, egg peritonitis, chronic egg laying). The workshop will be interactive with case studies to test your newfound knowledge!

Benefits for the practice: Open up the potential for your vets to treat avian patients. Birds are increasingly popular as companion animals however, few veterinarians are skilled in avian medicine. This is an opportunity to up-skill your veterinarian on managing common reproductive presentations.

Tutor: Janelle Ward BVSc MVSc (Wildlife Health) MANZCVS (Avian Health)
Janelle has worked in Wildlife Health since 2007 including working for Wildlife Health Australia and Wildbase (Massey University). She currently works for the NZ Department of Conservation and Sanctuary Mountain Maungatautari and is Chairperson for the Wildlife Rehabilitators Network of NZ (WReNNZ). She has been involved in oil spill response, wild bird medicine and surgery and has created on-line training in avian health. Janelle enjoys helping others develop their skills with birds and wildlife.

Wildlife Member $65
NZVA Member $75
Non-member vet $95
Retired/Speaker $65

Workshop: Avian necropsy

Friday 23 November (afternoon)
Approximately 3 hours

This workshop is open to vets and scientists with an interest in avian wildlife disease, and will appeal to those who would like to sharpen their scalpels and hone their skills in avian gross pathology. This is a practical based wet lab; necropsy and sampling equipment will be available and latex gloves and lab coats will be provided. A powerpoint display and discussion of common avian disease presentations, and exotic diseases to have on your radar, will be incorporated into this exciting workshop. This workshop filled up quickly at our previous Wanaka conference, and is limited to the first 16 attendees - so get in quick!

The aim of the workshop is to improve the participants’ proficiency in:

  1. Avian anatomy
  2. Correct dissection of birds to determine gross pathology (each participant will have a cadaver to carry out a post mortem on).
  3. The optimal techniques for taking fresh and fixed samples to cinch your diagnosis.

Tutor: Dr Stuart Hunter BVSc, Diplomate ACVP
Stuart is a senior lecturer in Wildlife Pathology at Massey University. Stuart brings a wealth of experience in avian necropsy - predominantly on endangered native avian species. His caseload also consists of native amphibians and reptiles (e.g. the Grand Skink), and diagnosing fixed tissue from Zoos and zoological parks around NZ. He is contracted with Maritime NZ to necropsy marine mammals, most of which are NZ fur seals, Sea Lions and Hector's dolphins.

Wildlife Member $75
NZVA Member $85
Non-member vet $105
Retired/Speaker $75

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