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Veterinary shortage – confirmation of border exception application process

Following on from the Government’s decision to grant 50 border exceptions to veterinarians, the New Zealand Veterinary Association has been working with the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) to determine the process for these exceptions.

To ensure a robust process is followed and that all veterinarians meet the outlined criteria, MPI have requested that the NZVA manage applications.

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Tackling the tough questions with the veterinary business stream

How do we improve workplace culture? How do we improve workplace communications (internal and with clients)? What makes a great workplace? How do these things impact employee wellbeing, retention and business sustainability?

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Benchmarking surveys for New Zealand Veterinary Practices

NZVA members have been asking for quality benchmarking data to help them make better business decisions. The Veterinary Business Branch (VBB), supported by NZVA, have partnered with BBVet to run a series of benchmarking surveys.

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Veterinary shortage update

We recently shared with members our plans for alleviating the veterinary shortage issue. We know that this an incredibly stressful time for all. Please know that the NZVA are committed to doing everything possible to ease the pressure veterinarians are facing to try and reduce the personal toll this is taking.

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New regulations for Significant Surgical Procedures came into effect on 9 May 2021

After a 12 month delay due to COVID-19, the new animal welfare regulations relating to significant surgical procedures (SSPs) took effect on 9 May. Amendments to both the Animal Welfare Act 1999 and the Animal Welfare (Care and Procedures) Regulations 2018 have been made to accommodate the new regulations.

New criteria have been introduced into Section 183B of the Animal Welfare Act 1999. These clarify what procedures are considered SSP, and therefore only able to be performed by a veterinarian, unless a regulation states otherwise. Other regulations prohibit procedures entirely (e.g. cropping dogs' ears, firing/blistering/soring/nicking horses' legs). 

The new regulations outline who other than veterinarians can perform some significant surgical procedures on animals and whether pain relief is required.

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Veterinary shortage stories – we need your help!

We have developed a comprehensive approach to our advocacy through which we are seeking either a further class exemption or another accelerated method for veterinarians to enter the country.

We would like your help to contribute to our effort to pitch stories to the media by supplying us with stories that illustrate the key impacts of the shortage.

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Transport of Livestock - Veterinary Certification

Veterinary certificates play an important part in protecting the welfare of animals being transported. Additionally, they can protect farmers and transporters from liability.

Unfortunately, MPI is seeing frequent situations where the destination on the certificate does not match the premises at which the animals have arrived. This is usually because the specified premises is not the usual plant or company used by the client, the instructions on the certificate were ignored, or more seriously, the conditions were changed by the supplier and/or transporter, to detail the plant to which they would rather transport the animal.

Regulation 45 of the Animal Welfare (Care and Procedures) Regulations covers obligation of transporters in relation to animals to which regulations 38 to 43 apply. This regulation requires that the transporter must comply with any relevant conditions specified in the certificate.

While the veterinarian is not liable for any non-compliance with the directions on the certificate, veterinarians should ensure that the supplier understands that the directions on the certificate must be met otherwise persons in charge of the animals along the supply chain are in breach of regulation 45.

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Veterinary shortage update: Australian veterinarians

Immigration NZ have now confirmed that Australian citizens and permanent residents can now visit, work and live in New Zealand without obtaining a visa before travelling to New Zealand.

The above means that there are no visa requirements for Australian veterinarians wanting to work in New Zealand.

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1972 Reunion

A good turnout of 35 people enjoyed a memorable reunion at the end of March in Whanganui which was organised by Dave and Lorraine Taylor.

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