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COVID-19 Member update: 7 April
  • More responses to your HR queries
  • Essential Service Provision Advice – UPDATE
  • Missed our Zoom sessions last week? Join us this Wednesday!
  • Puppy socialisation resource
  • DCAT Edubit webinar – 5.15pm TONIGHT
  • Pets and bubbles infographic

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COVID-19 Member update: 6 April
  • Responses to your HR queries
  • Correction to secondment advice
  • Veterinary Profession Offers to MoH
  • Essential Services
  • Businesses – are they in or out?
  • Retail Sales
  • COVID-19, cats and ferrets
  • Ivermectin and COVID-19

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COVID-19 Member update: 30 March
  • A message from our CEO
  • The Belgian COVID cat
  • Strategic use of PPE
  • DCAT
  • Animal fur as fomites
  • Employment law and COVID-19
  • WSAVA resource centre

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COVID-19 Member update: 27 March
  • Help us and help yourselves
  • What if an essential service provider isn't playing by the rules?
  • Help us understand what you need from us right now!
  • Euthanasia SOPs
  • DCAT and COVID-19
  • Limiting supply of Prescription Medicines
  • Update on our essential services advisory document

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COVID-19 Member update: 26 March
  • Reminder of veterinary equipment survey
  • New infographic – assessing your risks during essential service provision
  • Additional travel documents now available
  • Availability of PPE
  • Allied veterinary professionals during level 4 response
  • Staff member being tested for COVID- what should I do?
  • You, your dog, and level 4.

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COVID-19 Member update: 25 March
  • Understanding veterinary essential service provision
  • MPI register for safe practices – act before this Friday, 27th March
  • Clarification on document for travelling as essential service providers
  • NZCAR database remains active
  • Update on veterinary pathology laboratory service provision
  • Veterinarians supporting the public health system
  • Request reminder to share your business continuity plans
  • Equipment survey link
  • Join the NZVA member only Facebook group
  • Additional resource links.

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Down South

In this month's 'Out there vetting' series, Bette Flagler talks to Louise Ingram and Sandy MacGillivray at Otautau Vets.

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Taking no shortcuts

Bette Flagler talks to Sandy Cooper of Elles Road Veterinary Centre, Invercargill.

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Great expectations

Newly appointed NZVA Veterinary Manager (Companion Animals) Lorelle Barrett argues that the profession will need to adapt to changing expectations.

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Clarity of purpose

Emma Williams profiles incoming NZVA CEO Kevin Bryant, who has a passion for serving members of organisations that make a difference.

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