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Veterinary shortage update: border class exception announcement

Following considerable advocacy from the NZVA, Cabinet have approved a border class exception for up to 50 general practice veterinarians (companion animal, equine, large animal and mixed veterinarians) to enter the country. These exceptions are in addition to the 30 received in August 2020 for large and mixed animal veterinarians.

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Veterinary shortage stories – we need your help!

We have developed a comprehensive approach to our advocacy through which we are seeking either a further class exemption or another accelerated method for veterinarians to enter the country.

We would like your help to contribute to our effort to pitch stories to the media by supplying us with stories that illustrate the key impacts of the shortage.

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Important information for veterinarians travelling on live export ships

Recently, a veterinarian working on a live export ship was not able to immediately return to New Zealand at the end their voyage. To prevent this happening again, we suggest several points are clarified with the export companies, prior to veterinarians sailing (or accepting the risk if these issues are not addressed). We do not have clarity of how this process is being managed currently – it is understood that veterinarians caught up in a delay/alternate port will not be afforded emergency MIQ space.

The NZVA is engaging with the exporters, via Animal Trade Advisory Council, and will provide further information when it comes to hand.

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