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Wellbeing and work life balance is critical in the veterinary profession

Monday, 3 July 2017  
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You might have seen some news articles in the media around a job advertisement that was in our classified section online.

We want to be clear that the NZVA does not support discriminatory practices. As soon as concern was raised about the advertisement we spoke to the advertiser and amended the job listing on our website.

We are sent listings for many veterinary jobs from all over New Zealand and around the world. Advertisers bear full responsibility for the content of their advertisements. We expect that when advertising comes through to us that employers will have considered their obligations under the law.

We check ads for spelling and would hope to pick up content like this. However, this one got through and we will be more vigilant in the future.

We will further consider how we reach veterinarians who are not members of the association, as the advertiser was not a member.

At the NZVA, we work constantly on staff retention and wellbeing within the veterinary profession. Across New Zealand, clinics have working arrangements that support family life. We regularly discuss the importance of this at conferences and student events and provide mentoring and advisory support for veterinarians.

Wellbeing and work life balance is critical in the profession and we continue to advocate for this for our members from their first year in university to their retirement.