Mar 11, 2021, 12:00 AM


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Latest news about Leptospirosis in a study published by Massey University

It’s been referred to as ‘dairy farm fever’, but new research suggests that leptospirosis infections may be just as common among people working on beef, sheep and deer farms as it is in dairy farms.

The authors say their research suggests the current status quo for vaccinating beef, sheep and deer should be reassessed to provide more protection to this group of workers.

The takeaway messages from these findings are:

  1. Dry stock farmers were inferred to contribute as many notified cases to New Zealand's leptospirosis burden as dairy farmers, despite dairy farmer occupation being recorded much more frequently.
  2. All stock needs vaccination against Leptospirosis.

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Veterinary certification for transport

Regulation 45 - Obligations of transporters in relation to animals to which regulations 38 to 43 apply. A transporter must comply with any relevant conditions specified in the certificate.

MPIVS and NZVA have also developed broader procedures to ensure clinical veterinarians and VS staff have a similar standard regarding the certification of defective animals for transport other than those conditions defined under regulation 38 to 45.

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Velvetting regulation - what this means for you (and veterinary technicians)

The significant surgical procedure regulations come into force on 9 May 2021. Among these, is Regulation 58(C) Velvetting deer antlers.
The wording of the regulation is very specific and mirrors very closely the requirements of the National Velveting Standards Body (NVSB), that only allows certain people to velvet.
This means that veterinary technicians are PROHIBITED from velvetting deer in New Zealand. The only exception to this rule, is if a veterinary technician was the owner or an employee of the owner (with the owner’s approval), and they have a valid authorisation.

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Intramammary insertion resources now available!

The long-awaited suite of intramammary insertion resources are now live on the DCV membership page.

These tools will provide members with resources to assist in the understanding of expectations, compliance, training, assessment and in the recommended use of disclaimers. The NZVA, DCV and VPIS are working towards improving communications around this topic. The guidelines that have been developed are highly recommended for veterinarians to follow.

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98th AGM of the New Zealand Veterinary Association

The NZVA Board wish to advise that a date has now been set for the 98th Annual General Meeting of the New Zealand Veterinary Association. This will take place via Zoom at 5pm Wednesday 16 June 2021.


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