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Sheep, beef and deer CPD pathway


Graduate Certificate in Science and Technology (GradCertScTech) 

NZVA Accreditation in Sheep, Beef and Deer On-Farm Analysis


The Massey University Graduate Certificate in Science and Technology can be achieved by completing a total of 60 credits.  A minimum of 45 credits must be from the list of recommended Massey University courses and a maximum of 15 credits can be completed from the NZVA courses listed below.  On completion of the GradCertScTech the NZVA will award an Accreditation in Sheep, Beef and Deer On-Farm Analysis if a combination of the recommended Massey University and NZVA courses have been completed.


In addition to the usual entry qualifications this pathway is available to people who hold a veterinary degree which is recognised for registration purposes in New Zealand.

Qualification Requirements

Candidates for the Graduate Certificate in Science and Technology (recognised by the NZVA as an Accreditation in Sheep, Beef and Deer On-Farm Analysis) will follow a flexible programme of study, which consists of courses at 200, 300, 700 level and NZVA Courses totalling at least 60 credits, comprising:

1. at least 45 credits from Massey University courses (at least 30 credits need to be at 300 level or higher);

2. up to 15 credits from the NZVA courses (700 level).

The basic qualification requirements for all Graduate Certificates in Science and Technology can be found on the Massey University website.

Massey University Recommended Courses

Course name  Credit
283.201   Pasture and Crop Agronomy 15   Distance & Internal
189.251   Soil Fertility and Fertilisers 15   Distance & Internal
117.342   Animal Nutrition 15   Distance & Internal 
194.343   Applied Physiology and Animal Welfare 15   Internal
117.345   Genetics for Livestock Improvement  15   Internal
117.371   Animal Production  15   Distance & Internal
117.381   Solving Problems in Animal Production  15   Internal
119.381   Decision-Making in Primary Industry (farm finance)
 15   Distance & Internal
119.358   Agricultural Production Systems  15   Distance & Internal
117.731   Principles of Epidemiology
15   Distance & Internal
117.761   Ruminant Livestock Feeding 15   Distance & Internal
117.772   Sheep Production 15   Internal
117.785   Advanced Studies in Animal Production 15   Distance & Internal
118.785   Principles of Veterinary Epidemiology 15   Distance
119.731   Topics in Agricultural Extension and Consultancy 15   Distance & Internal
119.752   Advanced Farm and Horticultural Management 15   Distance & Internal
141.724   Food Quality, Safety and Innovation 15   Distance & Internal
240.753   Supply Chain System Analysis  15   Block
240.754   Supply Chain Optimisation 15   Block
283.701   Advanced Pasture Production and Practice 15   Distance & Internal
287.730   Quality Management 15   Distance
FLRC Course  

Sustainable Nutrient Management in NZ Agriculture
Intermediate Course - Fertilizer & Lime Research Centre

 10   Distance
 Short Course    Understanding Herbicides 5    Short Course



This column displays the delivery mode for the course. Courses at Massey can be studied internally, by distance or by block mode.

  • Internal mode requires attendance at regularly scheduled classes on one of Massey's campuses.
  •  Distance mode allows students to study via correspondence and/or by electronic means, with the opportunity usually provided for one or more Contact Workshops.
  • Block mode refers to internal courses where the class contact is in a compressed time period.

Please note: Massey University is currently producing 5 credit modules and these will be listed on this site when they become available.

NZVA Accredited Courses

 Course number            Course name Credit Value
 SBD01    Animal Health Planning (sheep, beef, deer)        
 SBD02    Consultancy Skills 5
 SBD03    Parasitology 5
 SBD04    Animal Welfare 5
 SBD05    Biosecurity 5

Transfer of credits to Massey University Master Programme

If you wish to continue onto the Master of Veterinary Medicine (MVM) or Master of Agriculture(MAg) programmes at Massey University we recommend that you contact the MVM office or AAG office before you complete 30 credits to enable transfer of credits to the appropriate Master programme.