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Frequently asked questions

I have completed a couple of courses and now I want to enrol in a Grad Cert, will these courses still count?

Yes. The courses (both the NZVA and Massey courses) have been accredited with Massey University to be worth five (5) credits. So once you enrol in the Grad Cert and proved that you have completed some courses, these will be credited towards your degree as Recognition of Prior Learning. (NB. currently there is a $160 fee to transfer these credits to a course, Simon Hall is working on this to get rid of this fee if the courses have been approved through Massey, which all ours will be).

How long do I have to complete the Grad Cert Sci Tech?

There is a maximum time to completion of 8 years. Please see the Massey University Calendar.

From the calendar “ Unless otherwise specified in the Qualification Regulations there will be an 8-year maximum time for completion of any one Massey University undergraduate or graduate qualification.

Students who have been inactive for a period of three consecutive years will be deemed to have abandoned their qualification. Abandonment releases the University from its obligation to ensure a qualification can be completed. Students may be permitted to re-enrol in a subsequent current qualification should they meet the entry requirements; credits previously achieved will be assessed and applied in accordance with current regulations.”

I have completed the Grad Cert Sci Tech and now I want to do a Masters can I transfer these credits (60) over to the Masters?

Not all of the credits will transfer from the Grad Cert to a Masters. Only postgraduate level courses will be able to be transferred (700 level) and a maximum of 30 credits worth of five (5) credit courses can be transferred. It may be possible during the course of your study within the GCertSciTech to transfer to a Masters (MVM or MAg). These discussions will need to occur early on in the course of your study (at least before completion of 20-30 credits) to ensure that your credits can be transferred to a Masters.