Sheep, Beef & Deer



Sheep, Beef and Deer are important protein industries in New Zealand, industries which require expertise from veterinarians to be successful.

Like all areas of veterinary practice, expertise in the sheep, beef and deer sector is always changing and adapting as new scientific studies are undertaken

The NZVA have created a selection of courses which will be of value to sheep, beef and deer veterinarians at different stages of their career. You can select from one of the NZVA courses listed below to update, improve or extend your sheep, beef and deer practice or check out our CPD calendar to view an extensive selection of CPD offered by other providers.

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36th World Veterinary Association Congress 2020 - Cancelled

The 36th WVAC has been cancelled.

  • Conference
  • Date: 6–8 April 2020 | Location: Auckland
  • Speaker biographies and programme available online

More information regarding the cancellation is available at

On-farm parasitology skills

Latest diagnostics and treatment for internal parasites of sheep, cattle and deer.

Watch this space! More information coming soon!

On-farm consultancy skills

Improve your ability to engage with farmers to improve their farm businesses.

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Animal health planning

Develop integrated animal health plans for sheep, beef and deer farming systems.

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Chickens on a fence

Backyard chooks and other feathered friends

Increase your confidence and skills diagnosing and treating common problems.

  • Online
  • Date: August 2020
  • Tutors: Neil Christensen | Dawn Mills

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