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In order to help veterinarians identify high quality continuing profession development (CPD), the NZVA has, in consultation with the Veterinary Council of New Zealand (VCNZ), recently developed a new accreditation “tick” for CPD courses.

By choosing an NZVA accredited course veterinarians can be confident that the it meets the required standards for CPD as determined by VCNZ guidelines.

Application process

  • Applications for accreditation must be received online.
  • Programmes are reviewed by the NZVA CPD team in line with VCNZ standards.
  • Processing time will be approximately 3-4 weeks from receipt of application therefore, applications must be submitted at least six weeks before a course commences.
  • Programmes cannot be reviewed retrospectively.
  • NZVA accreditation for a CPD course is valid for one calendar year and applications for repeating courses are submitted as ‘repeats’.
  • An NZVA accredited course can be repeated within the one-year accredited time providing the tutors, course content and format remain the same. They can be repeated in a different venue providing health and safety criteria are met.
  • CPD points will be assigned to the course in accordance with the VCNZ guidelines.

What courses are eligible for NZVA accreditation?

  • Technical and non-technical courses and events which promote the education and wellbeing of the veterinary profession.
  • Courses and events that specifically promote a drug, product or service are not eligible for accreditation (VCNZ are looking at changing these requirements).
Cost Up to 4
One off activity (this activity will be conducted once $150 $200 $250
2-3 dates (the activity will run on 2 or 3 occasions) $200 $250 $350
More than 3 dates (this activity will be run on more than 3 occasions) $250 $300 $350
12 month subscription (same course can be run unlimited times over a 12 month period) $350 $450 $500
Webinars - $20 per webinar
 Conference - price on application

* All prices exclude 15% GST.

Apply Now

To ensure you have all the information before you commence the application process download the checklist here

To apply for accreditation please click here to complete the online application or alternatively download the form here and complete.