NZVA - New Zealand Veterinary Association


What to know before you buy your new pet

Prospective pet owners can improve animal welfare standards by only purchasing their animal from ethical sources.

Prospective pet owners are encouraged to contact a veterinarian to arrange a pre-purchase consultation before they buy their new pet. This will arm them with knowledge to make an informed decision on the best type and breed of pet for their circumstances. It will also give them information to understand the difference between a good breeder who produces healthy well adjusted animals and one who is less focused on ensuring that animals' welfare needs are met. 

Sourcing your dog or puppy

Knowledgable buyers can improve welfare standards for dogs and puppies by putting pressure on suppliers to meet acceptable standards. Learn what to look for and the questions to ask when sourcing your new dog.

Sourcing your cat or kitten

This information is under development. Check back in November for more information.