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Caring for your pet

Taking on responsibility for a companion animal is a big commitment. This page provides information to owners on how to provide the care your pet needs.

Responsible cat ownership

The New Zealand Veterinary Association strongly supports those principles of responsible cat ownership that contribute to creating a harmonious relationship between people, animals and the environment.

Responsible dog ownership

Veterinarians have knowledge and expertise on the principles of responsible dog ownership and dog welfare. This knowledge can assist dog owners to meet their responsibilities and retain the benefits that society enjoys from living with dogs.

Responsible breeding

Breeding pet cats and dogs comes with a responsibility to ensure the health and welfare of both the parents and the offspring. These guidelines set out expectations for breeders of both purebred and mixed breed animals.

Vaccination in cats and dogs

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Currently under development.


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Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease Virus (RHDV)

Information on prevention of RHD viruses in pet rabbits.