NZVA - New Zealand Veterinary Association


CAV member resources

The resources below are for members of the Companion Animal Veterinarians Branch. You will be asked to login to the website to access this information.


Antibiotic use guidelines

NZVA guidelines for the clinical use of antimicrobial agents in the treatment of cats and dogs, and other resources and information on antibiotic use. 

Brachycephalic resources

Advice and information to support veterinarians with education on Brachycephalic welfare issues

CAV Branch AGM info

Information on branch annual general meetings including yearly reporting.

Dog breeding toolkit

Advice and information to help support breeders improve dog health.

Exotic disease information

Veterinarians role in biosecurity, and what to do if you suspect an exotic disease.

Firework phobia management

Resources and information on managing fireworks anxiety in dogs and cats.

Nutrition information

Information and resources to support assessments.
Information about the investigation of reports of dilated Cardiomyopathy in dogs eating grain-free diets.

School talk resources

Information and presentations to help you deliver an inspiring school talk on being a companion animal veterinarian.

X-rays and radiotherapy

Radiotherapy and radiology information including a list of practices that offer I 131 treatment, compliance information for veterinary radiography, and ownership of radiographs.

Viral disease management and vaccination

Vaccination guidelines and information on infectious diseases.

Synacthen shortage

Resources to help members with diagnosis and treatment of Hyperadrenocorticism and Hypoadrenocorticism while Synacthen is unavailable.