DCV Conference 2019, Wed 19 - Fri 21 June, Queenstown
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Speaker resources

Speakers can use the resources below to help prepare for the 2019 DCV Conference.


Speaker checklist
Sticking to the deadlines will help you stay on track and keep those stress levels from creeping up. Print it out and pop it somewhere you will see it regularly so you know when everything is due.

Speaker expectations
FAQs for conference speakers

NZVA paper guidelines
Each year the NZVA receives a lot of papers to review, format, collate and publish. It takes a lot of time, so sticking to these guidelines will allow each paper to be given the time it deserves and ensure it's published as intended in the proceedings.

PowerPoint template
To make maximum use of your presentation slides, you want your document size to match the projection screen size. This template has the correct size (and the conference logo if you want to jazz it up a bit).

If you or your company is not GST registered or exempt from paying withholding tax you will need to complete the attached form (using the code: WT) and send it along with your invoice after the conference.

If you can't find what you're looking for, email speakers@vets.org.nz.