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General Management

University of Otago - Animal Welfare Officer - Dunedin

Expires: Apr 19, 2021
The Animal Welfare Office (AWO) functions to support biomedical research activities at the University of Otago, with responsibility for ensuring we maintain the highest international standards pertaining to all aspects o...
Production Animal General

Agilis Veterinary Products - Technical Veterinarian - Timaru

Expires: Apr 30, 2021
Closes: April 18, 2021 Are you an experienced production animal veterinarian looking to move away from hands-on clinical practice and into a role that provides stable working hours and autonomy?  Agilis Vet, a New Zeal...

MPI - Veterinarian (Veterinarian Technical Supervisor 2) - Invercargill North

Expires: Apr 30, 2021
The purpose of this position is to undertake verification activities in line with current legislation and organisational requirements, thereby permitting the issue of official assurances. This position is made up of a 3...