2021 Bovine surgery in the field

Vetscholar & Massey University, Palmerston North
Beef Cattle
Dairy Cattle

Performing on-farm surgery is an important skill for any high-quality dairy veterinarian to have.

This course will increase knowledge, skills and confidence in diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of bovine surgical conditions in the field.

Bovine surgical referral facilities have not developed to the same extent as companion animal and equine disciplines. The result is a need for cattle veterinarians to expand their on-farm surgical expertise to meet the demands of the dairy and beef cattle breeding industries.

Increased confidence and competence to perform on-farm bovine surgery will motivate you as a clinician, improve cow welfare and add value to clients. Timely decision making, knowledge of surgical options and a practiced technique ensure you’ll be providing a high quality complete service.


This course includes a three-week online course prior to attending a full-day live interactive online workshop. Please note, participants will not need to source cadavers for the workshop as they will not be used on the day.

Online course

Dates: 1 November - 2 December 2021


  • General considerations and anaesthesia
  • Diagnostics and surgical decision making
  • Orthopaedic surgery
  • Abdominal surgery
  • C-section

Online workshop

Date: 8.15am - 4pm, 3 December 2021


  • Intestinal anastomosis and topography of gastro-intestinal tract
  • Eye extirpation and anaesthesia of the eye (Peterson block, retrobulbar block)
  • Paravertebral anaesthesia techniques
  • Claw amputation with skin flap technique
  • Navel surgery in calves
  • Opening and closing of abdomen

Intended learning outcomes and objectives


  • Increase understanding in the importance of diagnostics and anatomy
  • Improved knowledge of surgical techniques relevant in the field
  • Increased confidence in surgical decision making
  • Learn new techniques for approaching patients with colic
  • Improve skills in abdominal surgery


  • Increased confidence and technical skills in cattle surgery
  • Increased proficiency within the organisation
  • Improved welfare and better outcomes for cattle and their owners


Kristina Mueller Dip. ECBHM | Guy Oakley BSc BVSc

CPD recording

This course will provide up to 16 hours of CPD activity. VCNZ recommended area of competence for well-rounded

development: Technical skills; Clinical knowledge.


Full course: Member - $895 | Non-member - $1790

Online only: Member - $500 | Non-member - $1000 (NZD and include 15% GST).


Shannon Leader | 04 495 1145 | shannon.leader@vets.org.nz

Sessions for this event

Bovine surgery in the field - Full course
Nov 1, 2021

Bovine surgery in the field - Online only
Nov 1, 2021