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Sustainable control of helminth parasites of grazing ruminants is a key concern for veterinarians in production animal practice. This course covers the key biological factors of helminth parasites, the latest developments in helminth control and ensures participants develop a sound understanding of the current state of the science around these issues.

The course is aimed at veterinarians in rural or mixed practice and who who want to improve their knowledge and skills in parasite control programmes and offer a superior service to their farmer clients.


Online notes-based course with case studies, forum discussions and pod casts (assessment also required for postgraduate credits).

Learning objectives

  • Demonstrate an effective level of knowledge about the biology of helminth parasites of sheep and cattle.
  • Review scientific publications on helminths and understand the strengths and limitations of these publications.
  • Explain the strengths and weaknesses of available anthelmintics.
  • Discuss the risk factors for anthelmintic resistance in helminth parasites.
  • Develop a control programme for individual farmers to achieve high levels of production in conjunction with low levels of risk for developing anthelmintic resistance.


  • Basic worm life cycle
  • Worms in sheep and cattle systems
  • Epidemiology in sheep and cattle systems
  • Assessing worm challenge
  • Drugs and formulations
  • Slowing the progression of drug resistance
  • Sustainability and reducing dependence on drench
  • Anthelmintic resistance review
  • Drug resistance in worms and worm populations
  • Worm monitoring and testing
  • Stock policies, grazing management and anthelmintic


Ginny Dodunski BVSc MACVSc: Ginny is part of the advisory and extension team for Totally Vets Ltd and is a certified trainer for Wormwise. She has developed a number of training materials for farmers and veterinarians in a range of areas including parasite control.

Clive Bingham BVSc BPhil MACVSc: Clive is a Veterinary Technical Advisor for Zoetis in New Zealand and has extensive experience with providing training for veterinarians in the delivery of extension services to sheep and beef clients.


Trevor Cook BVSc: Andrew Dowling BVSc, Jeremy Leigh BVSc, Rochelle Smith BVSc MANZCVS, Sara Sutherland BVSc MSc BSc (Agr) MANZCVS

CPD hours

This course provides up to 50 hours of CPD. Online resources will take approximately 30 hours to cover, followed by an assessment task which will take approximately 20 hours

CPD pathway

Upon successful completion of the assessment, this course provides 5 credits towards the following postgraduate qualifications:

  • Graduate Certificate in Science and Technology
  • Master of Veterinary Medicine
  • Master in Agriculture.


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