Advanced Mastitis course

25 Moorhouse St, Morrinsville, 3300
Production Animal

A structured practical course to provide veterinarians with a robust repeatable process to manage milk quality/mastitis issues on dairy farms.


This course provides a structured approach to solving on-farm milk quality/mastitis problems. It involves a combination of classroom theory, case discussion, and on-farm practicals. The 4th day is for those who wish to gain deeper knowledge of milking machine function. The course is taught by experienced, practical veterinarians with many years experience in working with farmers to improve milk quality and manage mastitis problems.

Learning objectives

  • Developing an understanding of a structured and logical process for finding solutions for mastitis/milk quality issues on dairy farms
  • Developing a deeper understanding of the epidemiology, control, treatment of mastitis
  • Understanding how you can market mastitis/milk quality improvement services within your practice


This course is designed for veterinarians servicing dairy farms who wish to gain an deeper understanding of mastitis management, control and treatment. Additionally this course is a prerequisite to gaining accreditation from the National Mastitis Advisory Committee (NMAC) to provide mastitis control services under the Fonterra demerit relief scheme.


  • Dr Dave Hawkins
  • Dr John Penry
  • Dr Mike Shallcross
  • Dr Scott McDougall


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