Intramammary Edubit

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The Best Practice Intramammary Administration for Dairy Cattle EduBit is a short course on intramammary administration. It was set up by Zoetis and Otago Polytechnic to establish a standard way of providing training and certification in best practice intramammary administration.

How does it work?

There is a mixture of online and on-farm work. You can either jump straight to the assessment or take the online training first. Assessment consists of an online test and uploading a few short videos of you performing best practice administration. If you decide to do the training we recommend you allow about 4-6 hours. Once you’ve practiced a few times and feel confident enough to do the assessment, answering the questions and gathering your evidence for the EduBit should take you another 4-6 hours. The assessment and training are both taken at your own pace in your own time and there is no time limit, so you can do a little bit, save your work, and come back later to finish it!

What are students assessed on?

Students must provide evidence that they can:

  1. Analyse the roles of intramammary therapies and select the appropriate administration techniques in optimising mastitis management.
  2. Analyse factors contributing to, and select appropriate management techniques for, planning successful herd treatment with intramammary therapies.
  3. Administer intramammary therapies and provide aftercare using industry recommended practice and techniques to maximise udder health of dairy animals.

Who can take it?

Anybody in New Zealand or overseas.

What does it cost?

$99 + GST per person

How do I start?

Go to and search for “Dairy Cattle”. You’ll need to sign up for a free account where you can read all the requirements for the learning and assessment for free. When you’re ready you can add the EduBit to your account and start working on your submission.

What are EduBits?

EduBits is Otago Polytechnic’s micro-credentialing platform. Micro-credentials are small bite-sized credentials which use evidence to verify a learner’s skill or expertise. Otago Polytechnic is the leading provider in New Zealand and has developed over 100 EduBits for a diverse range of people, including builders, retail staff, managers and so on. Students who successfully demonstrate the skill receive a digital certificate which they can display on their CV, email signature, online resume or blog.

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