Leadership ProSkills Programme

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Veterinary Business

Do you have the skills to effectively lead your team?
Can you confidently market your practice to your clients?
Are your team offering the best possible client care?

Having a clear vision of leadership, what you're striving for and how to attain it, can make all the difference to running a successful, thriving business. This series of ProSkills courses will equip new and experienced team members to lead and manage your practice. Comprising of 10 online pre-recorded presentation, this series will provide participants with the skills and tools they need to take your practice to the next level. Suitable for veterinarians, practice managers and supervisors, this program can be started and completed at any time.


Course 1 - Practical income capturing: Maintaining cash flow is one of the most important aspects of any business. Learn factors affecting cash flow and commonly missed income opportunities, practical tips to improve income, and more. Course type: Videocast | Presenter: Mark Hardwick

Course 2 - The performance management process: Acquire the skills for effective induction, coaching and performance feedback systems, and how to manage poor performance or behaviour. Course type: Videocast | Presenter: Sue Crampton

Course 3 - Mediation skills for resolving conflict: The veterinary practice is often an emotionally-charged environment. Conflict can occur and without the right tools, relationships can suffer. Learn about common causes of workplace conflict, how to use and implement mediation and resolution processes, communication tips to help progress through conflict, documentation requirements and when to seek external help. Course type: Videocast | Presenter: Rosie Overfield

Course 4 - How to manage your priorities: Learn to identify your real priorities and practical skills for planning and scheduling your time. Uncover techniques to manage interruptions and energy-drainers. Course type: Videocast | Presenter: Rosie Overfield

Course 5 - Effective communication skills: Discover tips for improved communication in the workplace, understand different communication styles and how to overcome communication barriers. Course type: Videocast | Presenter: Rosie Overfield

Course 6 - Planning marketing campaigns: Understand the role of marketing campaigns in promoting your practice. Discover reasons for selecting your marketing mix while planning and goal setting for maximum effectiveness, and learn to put your written plans into action. Course type: Videocast | Presenter: Sarah Burrows

Course 7 - Developing a simple client survey: Discover why client feedback is important, recognise your target audience, and understand various formats for surveying your clients. Course type: Videocast | Presenter: Deb Render

Course 8 - Managing compassion fatigue: Understand compassion fatigue, it's symptoms, presentations and susceptibility. Learn both personal and team protection strategies. Course type: Videocast | Presenter: Rosie Overfield

Course 9 - How to ask for what you want: Learn how to increase your assertive thinking, plan your conversation and helpful wording to use when making your request. Course type: Videocast | Presenter: Rosie Overfield

Course 10 - Developing customer service standards: Understand the importance of a consistent approach to customer service, telephone standards and pre and post consultation standards. Course type: Videocast | Presenter: Rosie Overfield and Deb Render


Mark Hardwick, Rosie Overfield, Deb Render and Sarah Burrows

CPD Points

Activities in this course can be recorded under either continuing veterinary education, collegial learning activity or self-directed learning.


NZVA members: $400 | Non-members: $600 (NZD and includes 15% GST).


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