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Their future, is our future

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At the heart of the NZVA vision is the core idea that the wellbeing of animals, people, and the environment is inseparable.

Veterinarians have knowledge and skills at this 'intersection' to contribute to outcomes that benefit all New Zealanders, directly and indirectly.

Our goals

  • To positively influence society's attitudes to the way we treat animals.
  • To become resilient, sustainable and aligned to tackle bigger and broader issues.
  • To increase our influence by bringing science-based solutions to ever-changing societal values and attitudes.

Achieving our goals will require ongoing focus, unity, and belief that working for the greater good of animals and the people who care for them, the environment we share, and a country that excels in quality food production will, ultimately, benefit us all.

The constitutional objects of the NZVA are:

  • Members' welfare
  • Leadership
  • Education
  • Standards setting

View the constitution here.

See a summary of our strategic plan.

Our shared values

  • We are first and foremost here for NZVA members. We help each other, expect high standards, and promote collegiality, taking time to enjoy each other's company and have fun.
  • Guided by our shared vision and values, agreed purpose, and common goals, our collective leadership contributes to a highly trusted, valued, and progressive veterinary profession.
  • Our governing body integrates independent input and strong representation from our technical and regional networks to set our priorities and drive policy, standards, and decision-making.
  • We facilitate clear career pathways and high-quality continuing professional development so our members can have healthy careers and lives and our profession can be the best it can be.
  • We listen to each other and we co-operate widely to understand and influence the critical issues for our profession and the wider industry.