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Transport of Livestock - Veterinary Certification

Veterinary certificates play an important part in protecting the welfare of animals being transported. Conversely, they can protect farmers and transporters from liability.

Unfortunately, MPI is seeing frequent situations where the destination on the certificate does not match the premises at which the animals have arrived. This is usually because the specified premises is not the usual plant or company used by the client, and the instructions on the certificate were ignored, or more seriously, changed by the supplier and/or transporter, to detail the plant they would rather transport the animal to.

Regulation 45 of the Animal Welfare (Care and Procedures) Regulations covers obligation of transporters in relation to animals to which regulations 38 to 43 apply.  This regulation requires that the transporter must comply with any relevant conditions specified in the certificate.

While the veterinarian is not liable for any non-compliance with the directions on the certificate, veterinarians should ensure that the supplier understands that the directions on the certificate must be met otherwise persons in charge of the animals along the supply chain are in breach of regulation 45.