Sam Hazledine

Sam is a human medical doctor and advocate for doctor wellbeing. In his career Sam has established multiple organisations to help doctors live exceptional lives, because he knows that when they’re fulfilled, they’re better doctors. He brings his knowledge of the human sphere to the veterinary world.

What do you see as the biggest challenges facing the medical profession?

With more than 50% of doctors burning out, our greatest challenge is wellbeing. The way doctors live and work isn’t sustainable; both systemic and individual changes are necessary to address it.

What will be your presentation topic at the conference?

I’ll be speaking about the future of healthcare workforces and how we can thrive in that future and create a high-performance
workplace culture. I believe success lies at the intersection of mindset and action, so I want to show people what’s possible.

How will your background as a doctor fit with a veterinary conference?

I see parallels in the challenges facing doctors and veterinarians, and I’m looking forward to sharing some of the lessons I’ve
learned. I hope attendees will leave better equipped to create thriving cultures in their workplaces that lead
to better engagement.

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