Friday 19 November

8am: Raw feeding benefits and risks: working with clients productively| Liza Schneider & Rebecca Brown
Raw food has dominated nutrition for cats and dogs for most of their existence. Research shows that raw-feeding is increasing and that clients are unlikely to view their vet as a source of trusted nutritional advice. This undermines our professional integrity. Vets must develop a comprehensive understanding of the benefits and risks of raw feeding. This is an opportunity for us to work with our clients towards a goal of optimal health and sustained wellbeing.

9am: CBD - cannabidiol: future role in veterinary medicine | Jacqui Snell
The future role in veterinary medicine of CBD and our role and responsibilities towards animal welfare, client guidance and education. The use of CBD is a ‘hot topic’ – clients are often asking about it – what is your understanding of this complex subject? What is CBD? How does it work in animals and what disease processes could CBD support? Why is it causing controversy? Can you respond to a client’s questions? Do you understand the legal ramifications? This presentation will give you an overview of the above topics.

10.30am: Plenary | Sam Hazeldine

11.30am: Vaccination: working with clients who don’t want to vaccinate | Liza Schneider
Vaccination is an invaluable tool to help prevent disease yet some clients elect not to vaccinate their animals. Most animal owners want to do the best for their animals yet have concerns about vaccinations. What are the fundamental concerns? What are our veterinary obligations to address these? How can we work with our clients productively to meet the needs of our patient/s, clients and our community?

1.30pm: An integrative approach to skin disease in companion animals: different perspectives from three holistic veterinarians | Viv Harris
Understanding the importance of a healthy immune system when treating skin disease and how to achieve optimal immune function and resolving skin disease with a specific natural al-lergy treatment, nutraceuticals and acupuncture systems.

2pm: An integrative approach to skin disease in companion animals: different perspectives from three holistic veterinarians | Jacqui Snell
This presentation provides exciting integrative options in the management of skin disease in companion animals utilising herbs, nutraceuticals, nutrition, microbiome support and stemcell treatments.

2.30pm: An integrative approach to skin disease in companion animals: different perspectives from three holistic veterinarians | Wendy Dixon
Wendy explores the role homeopathy may have to play in treating skin disease, pre-senting current research and cases from clinical practice.

3pm: Integrative approach to skin disease in companion animals: panl discussion and Q&A | Viv Harris, Jacqui Snell & Wendy Dixon
Skin cases make up a significant part of every vets daily case load. There are no instant fixes for them and that’s part of the reason why they can lend themselves to thinking outside of the square in terms of case management. That’s why we have three different vets presenting their approaches to managing these patients. Dr Viv Harris, Dr Jacqui Snell and Dr Wendy Dixon will be presenting their approaches to these patients with overviews of their treatment preferences be it herbal, acupuncture, dietary or any one of the other modalities that we can use.

4pm: Staff fulfilment: a recipe for success for veterinary practicest | Francesca Brown
Worldwide, the well-being of veterinarians is repeatedly reported as being lower than is acceptable and while the literature is currently limited, anecdotal evidence suggests it is the same for allied veterinary professionals. Yet, the Health and Safety at Work Act (2015) requires staff wellbeing to be actively looked after and there are implications for businesses that don’t do this. Based on the findings of her Master’s research which identified and analyzed three New Zealand veterinary practices as case studies that are successful in achieving high levels of staff wellness while still meeting their business financial goals and existing literature which supports the findings, this presentation will focus on implementing the common themes identified in these case studies which will contribute to staff fulfilment and lead towards business success.  

4.45pm: Sustainable health care and One Health in practice | Liza Schneider
Sustainable Healthcare advocates strategies to support and capitalise on the body’s inherent ability to heal, which is often over-looked by our modern medical model. This model of health care goes hand in hand with a One Health perspective integrating the needs of animals, people and our environment which is essential for a sustainable future. This approach helps to facilitate improved Patient outcomes as well as client and job satisfaction.