BESTPRACTICE for farmers


BESTPRACTICE  accredited veterinary clinics and hospitals offer farmers the best possible standard of veterinary care at all times

BESTPRACTICE  is New Zealand's ONLY quality accreditation programme that ensures a high standard of service and professionalism for veterinary clinics and hospitals in New Zealand.

It's a quality assurance programme modelled on overseas best practice standards and adapted to suit the New Zealand veterinary environment.

There are two levels of BESTPRACTICE  standards:

  • BESTPRACTICE  Clinic Standards - these stipulate the standards of service, facilities, equipment and management considered essential in veterinary practices in New Zealand. Clinic standards are set at a level that should be achievable by most veterinary practices.
  • BESTPRACTICE  Hospital Standards - these are more demanding and represent an advanced level of veterinary treatment and care.

Find a BESTPRACTICE accredited clinic or hospital near you

Farmers and pet owners can search for their nearest BESTPRACTICE  accredited clinic or hospital using our new Find-a-Vet service or see a list of BESTPRACTICE  clinics and hospitals here >>

Why choose a BESTPRACTICE  clinic or hospital?

Your livestock are your livelihood, so it makes good business sense for you to invest in a veterinary practice you can trust to be up to date with the latest in animal health services.

When you choose a BESTPRACTICE  accredited clinic or hospital you can be sure of excellence in the following areas:
  • Service: staff are well-presented professionals available for 24-hour emergency service, and have systems in place to meet best on-farm practice and Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) animal welfare standards.
  • Training: your veterinarians are professionally trained and experienced in veterinary medicine, surgery, animal health and welfare and farm advisory services, have access to up to date materials, and are allocated time to undertake and ensure continuing professional development.
  • Facilities: your veterinary clinic or hospital has modern, well-maintained facilities and equipment, including well-organised data storage systems that ensure your animals' health records can be easily accessed and updated.
  • Safety: any medication dispensed is clearly labelled and appropriately packaged, so you know exactly how and when to medicate your animals and the withholding periods that must be observed.

BESTPRACTICE  standards encourage veterinary clinics and hospitals to continually evaluate their surgical, medical, diagnostic and nursing protocols in order to maintain a high level of excellence.