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Why #WeLoveOurVet

Wednesday, 26 April 2017  
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To celebrate World Veterinary Day on Saturday 29 April we asked people to share the reasons why they love their vet using the hashtag #WeLoveOurVet.

Thank you to those who shared their stories with us. 


I loved that my vet practice Rappaw Veterinary Care was as shocked and upset by my last cat's sudden death (natural causes) as we were. They sent a lovely condolence card with a personal message from the vet who'd seen him shortly before.They are always friendly and helpful, and show genuine emotional care as well as physical care.

Myrtle and Steven

My partner and I love animals and now have a cat and dog but before we had a real house with pets we lived in an apartment where we wanted pets so badly that we had two pet mice. The mice were named Myrtle and Steven (both girls). When Steven got sick my partner took her to the vet next to our apartment. It turned out Steven had reached the end of her mousey life and the vet kindly put her down. My partner cried at the vet’s office and they were all very sweet to him. A week later we received a card from the vet's office saying how they knew how hard it is to lose a pet and wishing us well - the whole office had signed the card. So sweet.


The husband ran over our cat. He felt terrible, our poor cat was in terrible pain. I found and rang the emergency vet at Pet Doctors. They were amazing, they had a full on busy clinic and made room for upset me to bring in the poor cat and a toddler (hubby had other three children it was such a stressful morning) - I was all over the place and they were so calm and so helpful. We barely had to wait, and after a quick assessment I was faced with a really awful decision. Even though I kind of knew what was the most humane thing to do it was still so hard having to make it. The vets were incredible. I never felt judged or like a horrible person, just fully supported. They understood grief and connection so beautifully. I didn’t want our cat to suffer any more than she already had - the vet had put her on some painkiller which calmed her but yeah she was in pretty bad shape and it seemed cruel to put her through intensive surgery with no guarantee of recovery or quality of life after. So we had her put down, which was just the most awful decision and I cried and cried all through it. Again, the vet was so understanding, so kind. I totally felt like it was okay to grieve and to be sad and to find it hard. The vet kindly put her in the car for me. I deeply appreciated their kindness and empathy. Still do. It helped ease a difficult, rough day a great deal.


We had to get our 17 year old dog put to rest last year. Our vets at Tasman Street Vets were so kind. They came to our house. They cried with us. They were solemn when it counted, and were compassionate and caring during the whole process. They explained everything they were doing. We know they grieved with us. I'm crying while I type this because I'm remembering it all. They waited at the car while said our goodbyes and gave us space when we needed it. I could not have wished for a better end for our lovely girl. Not long after, we got sent the most beautiful card, signed by everyone at the vet practice. Laika was part of their lives for 17 years too, so they knew and loved her. Vets are amazing people. We love our vets. We now have a new girl who we'll be introducing to them next week. We will never forget their graciousness and compassion. It meant a great deal.

Rural vet

A local vet went out to visit a farmer, got there and discovered the farm was in complete disarray. After a quick assessment she called to the clinic to get the products she needed dropped off, went next door and got the neighbour to give her a hand administering the animal health products they needed to get them back to health.

She then made a call to the local Rural Support Trust and the farmer's daughter, to get him the support that he needed for his mental health.

In a few hours she saves the lives of hundreds of sheep, helped his business survive, and saved his life. In everything she did she went above and beyond her job description, showing why vets are an integral part of our rural communities.


I was an anxious pet owner as Meggs was my first pet. I took her in for a routine check-up at Central Vet Hospital and they needed her to come back for some tests, which I never liked doing because she was so scared at the vet. On the day, they talked me through everything when I dropped her off, the vet surgeon called me before he started to discuss what he was going to do and let me ask questions. He also asked if I wanted to be contacted during the procedure or if after was OK, or if he should call at a specific time. Basically, he held my anxious hand by phone to make sure that I was comfortable the entire time.