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Earthquake update and support info

Monday, 14 November 2016  
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Update: 18 November 2016 

A decision has been made to move all NZVA national office staff out of the Wellington office until at least Friday 25 November.This is a precautionary measure given the event concerns about building stability in the CBD.

The wellbeing of our staff is paramount and this will make a big difference to stress and worry levels for them and their families. The phones have been diverted, and it will be business as usual for us but just remotely from home.

These are certainly uncertain times and a reminder about the value of being part of a wider network of people that care about us, and for whom we care about.

So thank you to everyone who have called, emailed, and checked in on us. It has meant a lot.

Update: 16 November 2016


The NZVA and MPI are working closely in response to the recent South Island earthquakes, coordinating responses and being in touch with veterinarians in affected areas.

Dr Callum Irvine, Head of veterinary services for the NZVA, has been coordinating the response and has been in constant touch with the presidents of Canterbury Branch and Nelson Branch (Kaikoura is a part of Nelson Branch of the NZVA) of the NZVA along with others in the local veterinary community to make sure that they are doing okay and is helping them coordinate animal welfare responses wherever needed.

The situation is currently in hand and all the known animal welfare needs are being addressed. We are in constant touch with the local community to assess their further needs.

National office update: The NZVA national office has been cleared of damage and is now open. The staff are back in office and can be reached easily in case of any queries of help.

Update: 15 November 2016


We hope that you, your family, and your pets are safe and sound after the recent earthquakes and continuing aftershocks. As aftershocks continue, we want to remind everyone to drop, cover and hold in the first instance.

Our thoughts, in particular, go out to the people (and veterinary clinics) in Kaikoura, top of the South Island and Wellington where the damage has been the most severe.

The NZVA has contacted clinics in affected areas and by and large it seems that veterinary services have been maintained across the upper South Island and lower North Island which is fantastic, meaning veterinarians are still out there looking after the animals that need our care.

Thank you for your concern about our colleagues in Kaikoura. We have touched base with them and they, their families and their patients are safe. There will be some tough times ahead for them and their community – we ask you to keep them in your thoughts.

We would like to remind veterinarians that you can access Vitae (a confidential counselling service) for support if needed. This is part of a member benefit. Find more information on Vitae's confidential counselling service here.

The NZVA head office in Wellington's central business district is affected, so staff members will be working remotely until we get a go-ahead from the building assessors. The phones have been diverted so we can continue to support veterinarians where needed.