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BESTPRACTICE  accredited veterinary clinics and hospitals offer pet owners and farmers the best possible standard of veterinary care at all times

BESTPRACTICE is New Zealand's ONLY quality accreditation programme that ensures a high standard of service and professionalism for veterinary clinics and hospitals in New Zealand.

It's a quality assurance programme modelled on overseas best practice standards and adapted to suit the New Zealand veterinary environment.

There are two levels of BESTPRACTICE standards:

  • BESTPRACTICE Clinic Standards - these stipulate the standards of service, facilities, equipment and management considered essential in veterinary practices in New Zealand. Clinic standards are set at a level that should be achievable by most veterinary practices.
  • BESTPRACTICE Hospital Standards - these are more demanding and represent an advanced level of veterinary treatment and care.

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The benefits of becoming a BESTPRACTICE accredited clinic or hospital 

For your clients

By gaining BESTPRACTICE  accreditation you're demonstrating to your clients that you believe in the quality of all aspects of your clinic, including an audit every two years to ensure you maintain your high standards.

For your practice

We're now operating in a very controlled legal and ethical veterinary environment, which is becoming increasingly complicated. With the pace of changes being introduced - such as the HSNO regulations, veterinary registration and continuing professional development requirements by the Veterinary Council of New Zealand (and ACVM requirements) - it has now become very difficult for the individual veterinarian (clinic) to keep up to date.

Failure to comply is going to become an increasingly risky business where we'll find a growing number of veterinarians being held liable for failure to comply with government regulations. And a rising number of veterinarians entering practice will insist on proof that your business meets its legal and ethical requirements, and that you are not jeopardising their right to practice.

The BESTPRACTICE committee liaise with various regulatory authorities, researching, negotiating and clarifying details in order to produce a set of standards that meet their requirements and that are easy for you to understand and implement.

Newly accredited practices repeatedly tell us that the accreditation process produces tremendous benefits to both staff and management.

BESTPRACTICE is important for your clinic and clients because of the high standards it sets in all areas of business through its robust quality assurance programme.

Veterinary Council of New Zealand Minimum Practising Standards

There is now a push from the New Zealand Veterinary Council to implement minimum standards for veterinary practice. These standards will be based on and included in the BESTPRACTICE standards.

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